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Custody is an emotional and angst-ridden process. Scott Ruth will provide you with legal advice about legal custody and physical custody in Pennsylvania and specific advice to custody, which differs from York County to Adams County. It is imperative to get good advice about custody before you make any big decisions, such as separating from the other parent or relocating.

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At Scott A. Ruth, Attorney at Law, we work with parents to give them the best tools possible to make decisions about custody. Custody law is no simple matter, and you need an attorney with Scott Ruth's depth of experience in the Adams County and York County, Pennsylvania courts.

Geography Matters In Custody Contests

Custody procedures vary according to jurisdiction. The two counties in which we practice, York County and Adams County, are very different in this respect. A custody filing starts a clock with layers of procedure. Because it's more populous, York County has more procedure layers, such as conciliation, mediation, pretrial and then trial. In less populous, Adams County, the procedural layers are usually a conciliation conference and then trial. It is important to consider your case in the county where it will be heard.

Here's another tip: If you seek the best custody schedule possible, seek advice before you leave, make plans that keep you close to the other parent's residence and don't let a custody situation fester. Some people put off seeking advice in custody because they assume that they need to retain an attorney. Getting advice and retaining an attorney are two separate things. Good advice may very well save you from an expensive custody trial.

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Custody is different than any other part of divorce law, because it should be about the best interest of the child(ren) and not the parents. Sometimes parents in the midst of crisis and emotions can lose sight of that. Having a lawyer that will be honest and straightforward in the assessment of your custody expectations is critical to making reasonable and obtainable custody objectives.

How will you share custody of your child after a separation? Hire a lawyer who can best present your perspective: Contact Hanover child custody lawyer Scott Ruth at 717-630-9333.

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